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    Data: 29/06/2020

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    Responsabilidades: Coordinate, consolidate and analyze budget plans (OB, RB / MTP) for all areas of the company, including demand, sales and manufacturing information. Assist in the preparation of the financial presentations of the consolidated plans, meeting the deadlines stipulated for delivery, approval and validity thereof; Coordinate and consolidate analysis of future scenarios (forecast) considering business, market trends and identifying risks and opportunities for short-term decision making; Including cash flow scenarios; Coordinate feasibility studies for investment capital and calculation of discounted cash flow; Support business areas with information on volumes, net sales, gross profit (GP - gross profit), operating profit (OP - operating profit), as well as cost and market trends, in order to define the pricing strategy and opportunities to increase profitability; Maintenance of financial information and projections by product, sales channel, customer, region, place of origin / imported and OPEX (operating expenses) of sales, promotional effectiveness in order to support decision making; Preparation of analysis and presentation of the monthly closing, as well as the reasons for oscillation of the results presented; Monitor, control, design and present information and analysis related to OPEX (OPEX Business Partner); Monitor, control, project and present information and analysis related to projects to reduce expenses and costs; Monitor and control the impacts of Transfer price on exports and imports. Periodically indicating the need for price / cost increases / transfers. Developing this task in conjunction with financial advisors. Periodic price analysis to support the Pricing area; Administer and make flexible deliveries of ad-hoc presentations Ensure control of processes through periodically reviewed policies and monitoring of KPIs in the area; Challenges Interact with all other financial areas as part of the daily work routine Interact with the company's business areas Ensure control of activities and compliance with deadlines with the Corporate Constantly seek opportunities for improvement and simplification of processes, spreadsheets and calculations Seek team development and learning Qualifications Large experience (3 + years) on the area | Finance Degree (or similar) & MBA Advanced English necessary | Spanish & Portuguese are desirables Advanced Excel - spreadsheets and database | Experience with SAP | Access & Big Data are desirables PARA SE CANDIDATAR A ESTA OPORTUNIDADE, É NECESSÁRIO CADASTRAR SEU CURRÍCULO NA ABA "PROFISSIONAL" > "CADASTRAR CURRÍCULO". Para o esclarecimento de dúvidas, chame nossa equipe no WhatsApp (11) 99208-9621 ou envie um e-mail para: suporte@rhautomotive.com.br
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